In sports, and in life, mental toughness matters. It’s more important than raw talent and skill. It’s what allows us to bounce back from adversity and to keep moving confidently ahead. But young athletes can’t develop mental toughness and master other vital aspects of the “inner game” on their own. Coaches and parents play a vital role as well. In The Mental Training Guide for Elite Athletes: How the Mental Master Method Helps Players, Parents, and Coaches Create a Championship Mindset, David Angeron speaks to all three audiences. He draws on his expertise as a sport psychology coach and his background as a two-sport college athlete and baseball scout to teach readers what it takes to overcome the fear, doubt, and negativity that derail players and teams. When all parties have a common frame of reference and a shared language, they can “work from the same playbook” to build mentally tough, championship-minded players.

In this book you’ll learn:

• The fundamentals of the “Mental Master Method” and how it drastically improves performance

• Why learning your personality type helps lay the groundwork for athletic excellence

• How to develop traits many assume are inborn (or not), such as work ethic, grit, and desire

• How (and why) to build a solid system of short- and long-term goals

• Why tools like visualization and imagery and deep breathing can help build confidence, maintain focus, “weaponize” pressure, and vastly improve your game

• The power of positive energy and how it can change the trajectory of a losing season.

The Mental Training Guide for Elite Athletes is written in a simple, no-nonsense style, yet filled with deep flashes of insight. Packed with self-assessments, exercises, and engaging examples, it’s a must-read for athletes who want to transform their game—and coaches and parents who guide and support them on the journey.

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