Who Needs Mental Master Performance Training?

Athletes: To get more out of your physical abilities, you need to go beyond the standard training techniques that everyone else uses. Your eyes and your brain are the keys to unlock all of your sports performance skills. It's time to focus on the cognitive side of your game. 

Parents: You've spent thousands to get your developing athlete on the right team or with the right coach to give them opportunities to play at the next level.  But are you being the positive support system they need to mentally compete at their highest level? Research shows that most parents turn out to be one of the "Stressors" that hold young athletes back from achieving elite mental performance without even realizing it. 

Coaches: Are Mental mistakes, missed assignments and slow decisions holding your team back? Do you know how to properly motivate every different personality type on your team?  While you teach them the strategies and physical tactics of the game, they may benefit from supplemental training for their vision and cognitive skills. Think of it like strength and conditioning for the brain.


Performance Training App

Unleash Your Greatest Potential!


Everything you need to change from an "Average Player" to a "Consistent Elite Playmaker" is now available to you 24/7.  With a simple touch of a button, you can have instant access to the Ultimate Training Program for Mental Toughness and Physical Strength. 

Never face mental struggles or stress alone. Members also receive unlimited communication with a certified Sport Psychology Coach and Personal Trainer through email or In-App Messaging.  


Mental Training Includes: 

  • Goal Setting

  • Pre-Game Preparation

  • Performing Under Pressure

  • Visualization / Imagery

  • Managing Stress and Emotions

  • Resiliency / Overcome Adversity

  • Confidence

  • Staying in "THE ZONE"

  • And More

Physical Training Includes:

  • Speed

  • Power

  • Agility

  • Reaction

  • Recovery

  • And More

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Certified Sports Psychology Coach

Certified Stress Management Coach

David Angeron

Email - mentalmastertraining@gmail.com

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New Orleans, LA 70130

Professional Baseball Career

  • Milwaukee Brewers (MLB Scout)

  • Global Scouting Bureau (Professional Scout)

  • MyTime Sports (Pro Scout & College Recruiter)

  • Pensacola Pelicans Professional Baseball (General Manager)

  • Selma Cloverleafs Professional Baseball (Manager)

  • Springfield/Ozark Mountain Ducks Professional Baseball (Hitting Coach)

  • South Louisiana Pipeliners Professional Baseball (Manager)

  • Pensacola Junior College Baseball (Outfield Coach)

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